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(Starting in Spring 2015)
Responsible: SiTI

Description: The activity comprises cultural touristic itineraries within Europe, routes marked by distinct works, sites, historical and recent buildings, designed by women. The tourist itineraries will be identified according to the following criteria:

Accessibility: Taking in particular consideration tourism weaknesses,

Hospitality: Every itinerary has to be comfortable and offer the essential services for hospitality,

Information: Each itinerary has to be advertised in order to be recognizable;

Objectives: The itineraries are oriented to ensure the widest accessibility to works of architecture and design created by women, to develop cultural-tourism, and to disseminate knowledge of forgotten or unknown Cultural Heritage by means of regional and urban marketing.

Beneficiaries: The itineraries will be addressed to scholars and students, architects and designers, and specially to a  broader audience, such as tourists and families with young children, through and educational games programme;

Communication: A Guide Book in English and online e-routes, beyond national partners countries will be designed. A downloadable .pdf version of the guide book will be available on MoMoWo Website, ZRC SAZU Website and Google books. Selected itineraries will be available through the activity QR code, displayed on site. Printed books will be distributed for free in local info-points;

Sustainability: The MoMoWo cultural-touristic itineraries will be offered to architecture and design associations, to the local authorities, and to touristic organizations as a means of promoting tourism in those areas.