Description: This page provides for worldwide permanent monitoring and promotion of current events and activities related to the work of women architects (civil engineers) and designers. The Agenda includes a schedule of events: exhibitions, book launches, new articles, building official openings and design works, documentaries, and video interviews.

Objectives: The Agenda is intended to foster contacts between women in design professions towards achieving their professional goals and improving their social position in contemporary societies. It will help them to develop and strengthen sense of freedom, equality and common European citizenship without prejudice and discrimination regardless of their geographic location within the EU and beyond.
A key aim of the Agenda is to promote debates on MoMoWo Blog.

Beneficiaries: General Public, European and non-European students, scholars and practitioners.

Communication and Dissemination: The Agenda is both a repository of knowledge and its dissemination tool.

Sustainability: The Agenda is designed to continue functioning after the end of the project as an independent European site of networking activities. By promoting intercultural dialogue and informing about professional achievements, the Agenda will provide useful data and materials for education, lecturing and public talks on women’s involvement in, and experience of the design professions, as well as of their contribution to contemporary European culture. The Agenda has the potential to generate a long lasting impact on present and future generations, helping women to share their professional experiences.