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International Conferences-Workshops

1st Workshop in Leiden, Autumn 2015 | Hosted by LU
2nd Workshop in Ljubljana, Autumn 2016 | Hosted by ZRC SAZU
3rd Workshop  in Oviedo, Autumn 2017 |Hosted by UNIOVI

3rd MoMoWo International Conference-Workshop

2-3-4 October 2017, Oviedo, Spain

2nd MoMoWo International Conference-Workshop

3-4-5 October 2016, Ljubljana, Slovenia

1st MoMoWo International Conference-Workshop

23-24-25 September 2015, Leiden,  Netherlands


See the contents of the eBook on ZRC SAZU's website:

Upon MoMoWo's 1st Historical Workshop, which took place in Leiden, on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of September, 2015, MoMoWo gathered all the abstracts and the conferences' programme in the downloadable document below, the first MoMoWo open access publication.

Edited by Helena Seražin
Published by France Stele Institute of Art History ZRC SAZU
Design and Layout by Andrea Furlan, ZRC SAZU