Travelling Exhibition - Outdoor Exhibition


From Summer 2016 to Summer 2018
Responsible: UNIOVI

Description: the Travelling Exhibition will be held in two different spaces: one indoor and other outdoor. An interactive exhibition will take place at the indoor space, where will be presented the work of 100 designers and architects from 1918 to 2018. Interactivity is the underlying concept of the Travelling Exhibition: visitors will have access to the app for the Cultural-Touristic Itineraries Guide Book through a touch-screen monitor and by entering their birth year, they will be able to select the corresponding image of works on architecture and design created by a woman. A treasure hunt will be organized, 60 AR experiences of MoMoWo works and products will also be available. The outdoor space will display the winning pictures of the International Photographic Competition on women designer’s homes.

Objectives: the activity invites individuals and communities to fully enjoy and value the works created by women. 

Moreover, it provides the first results dissemination of a wide range of cultural activities undertaken by MoMoWo. This activity is an ideal tool to support the transnational flow of cultural and artistic works and products and to promote gender equality in rights and professional opportunities. Travelling Exhibition Photo Galleries  (published on the Website) aims to stimulate intercultural dialogue and debate on the Blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

Beneficiaries: the Travelling Exhibition is intended for the general public and professionals. The outdoor photographic section is addressed to students and photographers, general public and citizens.

Communication: the Travelling Exhibition will be announced on MoMoWo Website, photo galleries will be published on the website and a catalogue will be printed.

Sustainability: beyond the project term, the Travelling Exhibition can be hosted by museums, municipalities, universities and art centers.