(June 2018)
Responsible: POLITO

description: the Final Symposium focuses on wide range of topics representing the interpretational categories previously adjusted by the Scientific Board. An international call for papers will be published on the website and after the Scientific Board will be responsible for the selection of speakers. At the end of each conference session there will be a roundtable with invited speakers including women practitioners.

objectives: the Final Symposium ensures cross-border mobility of designers and people working in the cultural sector. The sessions aim at stimulating the expansion of knowledge and critical debate in a comparative and multidisciplinary perspective, thus promoting intercultural dialogue.
The activity is designed to help women to share their experiences and to create and develop consciousness of a shared European citizenship.

beneficiaries: the Final Symposium is open to European and non-European scholars and practitioners.

communication: the MoMoWo website will announce the Call for papers worldwide.

sustainability: the Symposium is an opportunity to foster MoMoWo network by developing partnerships.