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Cultural-Touristic Itineraries Guide Book with Maps Application
(Spring 2016)
Responsible: ZRC SAZU

Description: The Guide Book in english will present cultural touristic itineraries in Europe, combining sites and buildings, historical and recent ones, designed by women.

Objectives: The Guide Book is oriented to develop cultural-tourism and to disseminate knowledge of forgotten or unknown cultural heritage by means of regional and urban marketing.

Audience: Scholars and students, architects and designers as well as the general public – tourists and families with children - through the an educational games programme.

Communication: The printed Guide Book and its pdf. version will be available for download on this website, on ZRC SAZU website, and on Google books. Selected itineraries will be accessible via web, through QR codes on site. Printed Books will be distributed for free in local tourist info-points.

Sustainability: The Guide Book will be offered to architecture and design associations, to the local authorities, and to tourist organizations as a means of promoting tourism in their area.