Historical Workshops with Public Interviews to Women Professionals

1st Workshop in Leiden, Autumn 2015 | Hosted by LU
2nd Workshop in Ljubljana, Autumn 2016 | Hosted by ZRC SAZU
3rd Workshop  in Oviedo, Autumn 2017 |Hosted by UNIOVI

Objectives: the three Historical Workshops provide the opportunity to share and debate the professional experiences of european women within design fields. These activities will cover video-registered public interviews to women professionals.
Beneficiaries: The workshops are addressed to scholars and students. Participants will include MoMoWo Partners and invited scholars and or curators.
Communication: Three open-access publications will unveil the results and public interviews to contemporary professionals will be available to download from this website.
Sustainability: All presentations and discussions will be recorded and uploaded on MoMoWo website, being accessible to wider audience regardless the project extent.