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Description: Articles and essays written by MoMoWo partners concerning the project or the project subject will be available on this page.

Objective: Providing a broader access to the project and its contents.

Audience: Scholars and students, architects and designers, audience interested in gender studies and the general public.

Communication: Will be done through articles in .pdf format, available for download on this page.

Sustainability: Articles in .pdf will be available on MoMoWo website and on the partners websites.

How to Design a Fair Shared City?

WPS Prague In cooperation with the offices of Heinrich-Böll Foundation Prague we have published our first book How to Design a Fair Shared City? This comic reflects our study trip to Vienna and offers...

Margherita Guccione: MAXXI Museum shows its archive

Margherita Guccione: MAXXI Museum shows its archive

International investigation serialized in the world of architectural archives, related to digital issues and enhancement. We start from the MAXXI, with an interview with the director on the occasion of the catalog of the...

Gesture and Design: Charlotte Perriand writes about Japan

      Gesture and design: Charlotte Perriand writes about JapanCaterina Franchini AIS/Design. Storia e ricerche n. 6, dedicated to the theme “Designers and writing in the twentieth century” is now online “The articles...