Reinforcement of the cultural and creative sectors capacity to operate transnationally, focusing on the underrepresented groups of women architects and designers in the following main fields: Cultural heritage (Tangible culture - historical sites and buildings, and Intangible culture), Architecture, and Design (Decorative Arts, Interior, Industrial, and Graphic design).


  • Supporting actions that enable scholars and lecturers, architects and designers (professionals and students) to cooperate internationally, internationalizing their careers and activities in the EU and beyond, through a long-term strategy which implies creating an European Platform for creative women, active in the EU and beyond.


Promoting transnational mobility of women architects /designers and people working in the cultural sectors related to architecture, design and production (scholars, curators of buildings/museums/archives, students, and restorers, tourist organizations, design companies). Stimulating the circulation of their works in the EU and beyond, aiming to increase awareness, knowledge and interest on european cultural heritage created by women.


  • Supporting International Cultural activities.
  • Encouraging audience development through new and innovative ways of public engagement, such as the use of digital technologies. Retaining and enlarging the public, in a way that improves the experience and deepens the relationship with current and future audiences, thus creating a bridge between generations. Stimulate interest and ease access to the european cultural and creative legacy, to tangible and intangible cultural heritage created by women in the fields of architecture and design.