To the Fore: Female Pioneers in Slovenian Architecture, Civil Engineering and Design

8 March – 8 April 2018
Krakovski nasip, Ljubljana

Architecture exhibition “To the Fore: Female Pioneers in Slovenian Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Design”, prepared by the France Stele Institute of Art History of ZRC SAZU and Centre of Architecture, aims to shed light on the life and work of a neglected part of Slovenian architectural creation and provides an opportunity to highlight – from the rich architectural body of work of the 20th century – the works that are only rarely exhibited and showcased.

The exhibition aims to present to the professional and general community an important part of the “anonymous” and withheld European cultural heritage of the 20th century, created by 20  women involved in architecture, civil engineering, interior and industrial design, landscape architecture, and urban design, i.e. fields that are (supposed to be) in the traditional domain of male professions.

Exhibition was prepared under the patronage of MoMoWo project.