Architette = Women Architects / Here We Are!

The online self-published digital book ARCHITETTE = WOMEN ARCHITECTS / • Here We Are! delivers a powerful, international, cultural project. The first section explores 183 architectural studios, from the 1800s to the present day, looking at award winning architects to lesser-known, yet inspirational profiles. This non-profit project will be completed with the online publication of 365 biographies of women architects from all over the world to coincide with the opening of Biennale Architettura, in Venice 2018 ( 26th may – 25th November) The open- source database is part of Team RebelArchitette‘s mission, presenting female role models working in the profession, not only to young students but also, to juries, panels, academics, exhibition organisers and journalists, fostering a more inclusive and fairer vision in architecture”.

RebelArchitette is a creative collective of digital activists who showcases the excellence of women architects all over the world through an open source ebook and Facebook platform It is a network of 15 Italian creatives, RebelArchitette. The team, with an average age under 35, is based in Bergamo. It began in the studio of architect Francesca Perani, with contacts throughout Italy, Greece and Scotland. Its actions include the promotion and dissemination of the professional title of Architetta, an Italian feminine term, which both media and others in the profession struggle to use correctly; monitoring of all-male juries and conferences; mentoring young generations on the ground to advocate for change towards a more heterogeneous and fair professional landscape, where women can be reference figures for inspiration in architecture.