Rebel Architette: An editorial team backing Professional Women in Design

Rebel Architette: an editorial team backing professional women in Design.
365 Architette en route to Biennale di Venezia 2018
A network of 13 Italian creatives, #RebelArchitette saw its beginning in the studio of Architect Francesca Perani. From there it generated a valuable database highlighting excellence of national and international women in the design profession, as yet too often far from the spotlight, juries, teaching posts and conferences.
Rebel Architette's team, with an average age under 35, is based in Bergamo with contacts in Italy, Greece and Scotland. Its actions include promotion and dissemination of the professional title of Architetta (a feminine ending of Architect which both media and even others in the profession struggle to use correctly); monitoring of all-male juries and conferences; mentoring young generations on the ground to encourage change towards a more heterogeneous and fair professional landscape, where women too can be reference figures for inspiration in architecture.
The biography of women architects, one each day, with images of their projects and links to more information are published on Architette Facebook platform (, with an emphasis on designers with a substantial CV, demonstrating the commitment and experience indispensable to reach a high quality and innovative level of design style as well as social engagement. The profiles of 147 professional women have been published since last May, of them 84 are European, amongst which are some thirty Italians.
This fast growing list is meant to be both a source of inspiration for young professional women in design and a directory available to anyone who is interested in a fairer representation of the work of women in architecture (such as journalists, professional bodies, event organisers, etc.). This project finds its place alongside similar international initiatives, including UN DIA UNA ARQUITECTA, or the Australian ARCHIPARLOUR or the Italian MOMOWO, all directories which arose from the need to give women designers a voice which often the media struggle to identify.
This non-profit project will be completed with the publication of 365 biographies of women architect working all over the world to coincide with the opening of Biennale Architettura and thus ideally oppose the repeating of all-male scenarios, such as happened during the closing press conference chaired by Aravena, which still mark many areas of representation.
"It shouldn't be that difficult to find women architect online, considering their high level of activity in the sector. I have always believed in the power of the web and sharing. In our opinion, by putting forward female role models to aspire to, we open the way to young female students and future designers", states Francesca Perani the architetta behind the project and promoter, with two other female colleagues, of the professional stamp featuring the Italian feminine ending to be used by Ordine degli Architetti di Bergamo (Bergamo architects' professional body)
Selection of participating Architette is now available for open applications too, thanks to a call out circulated online and promoted by Europaconcorsi and Divisare. The latter, main reference portal for Italian women and men architects, supports the initiative and promotes the applications through its newsletter. "We have supported this project from the beginning because we believe that the female element of contemporary architecture is current and substantial. Today's design goes beyond gender and it is therefore indispensable to give a voice and recognise the contribution of the many women in this profession who, at all levels, are working together and are building a debate on architecture", confirms Domenica Bona editorial curator, Divisare.
Editorial team, Rebel Architette:

Founder and curator
Francesca Perani

Editing managers
Claudia Manenti
Caterina Pilar Palumbo
Ilenia Perlotti

Editor, texts and press releases
Marta Brambilla

Divisare head curator
Domenica Bona

Editing team
Giulia Baroni
Silvia Carrara
Martina Colombari
Elena Fabrizi
Mary Kaldani
Anna Serafini
Tatiana Vinciguerra

Giovanna Bosis

Rebel Architette, an open group that came to life in a spontaneous way, driven by the need to demonstrate to younger generations the level of professional quality that women architect can reach anywhere, in Italy and in the wider world.