Women’s Creativity in Architecture and Design: European and Local Context

Museum of Applied Arts Belgrade and Women’s Architectural Society ŽAD present to you the Program Women’s creativity in architecture and design: European and local context.  The program consists of three guest exhibitions on the topic of women in architecture, two of which are international and one is local.  

The exhibition 100 WORKS | 100 WOMEN | 100 YEARS, European women in architecture and design 1918 - 2018 is part of the European project MoMoWo – Women’s creativity since the Modern Movement, financed from the program Creative Europe. The project gathers partners from Italy, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Slovenia and Slovakia in the aim of drawing attention to the women’s contribution in the fields of architecture, engineering, interior and industrial design. The project database includes Serbian architects Ivanka Raspopović and Ljiljana Bakić and their work.

MoMoWo travelling photo exhibition presents photographs from the international competition with the topic of homes of women designers. The competition was completed in 2016, and the photographs focus on the creativity in the homes of women designers and architects themselves, and how it affects their everyday life.

The exhibition Her Circle – Women’s work in architecture of the 20th century in Serbia and Montenegro, authors Milena Zindović, Andrea Tamaš Dačić and Ivan Stanojev, presents the first overall presentation of women’s architectural work from 1900 until today in Serbia and Montenegro. The exhibition was first shown in 2016 at the Mikser festival, and the same year was presented in the Serbian cultural center in Paris.  

All three exhibitions will be shown at the Museum of Applied Arts, Vuka Karadžića 18, Belgrade, from May 14th until June 16th 2018.  The official Museum of Applied Arts opening will be held on Monday, May 14th at 6 pm.

In addition to the exhibition, the program includes several events. On Friday, May 18th at 6 pm, at the Museum of Applied Arts Belgrade, special guest Caterina Franchini from the Polytechnic  University of Turin will hold a lecture entitled Moving Boundaries of Design History. MoMoWo Women's creativity since the Modern Movement (1918 - 2018). 

On Sunday, May 20th, from 4 pm to 6pm, as part of the Belgrade International Architecture Week BINA, the Women’s Architectural Society ŽAD is hosting the traditional BINA Walk: Women in Architecture 1900 – 1960, guided by Milena Zindović and Marija Pavlović. The walk starts at 4 pm in front of the University of Belgrade Teacher Education Faculty in Kraljice Natalije Street.

A guided tour of the exhibitions will be held on Saturday, May 26th, from 12 pm. The tour will be guided by Milena Zindović, author of the exhibition Her Circle and editor of the book Women in Architecture | Contemporary architecture in Serbia since 1900.

Caterina Franchini giving the lecture "Moving Boundaries of Design History: MoMoWo" at the Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade.


Architect Milena Zindović and Caterina Franchini in front of the MoMoWo Exhibition in Belgrade.


Aleksandra Ilijevski and Milena Zindović, experts on women in Serbian Architecture.


Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade with the MoMoWo Exhibition jointed with the exhibition of women in Serbian Architecture by Milena Zindović.


Milena Zindović showing women in Serbian Architecture timeline.


The MoMoWo photography exhibition.


Her Circle - Women's work in architecture of the 20th century in Serbia and Montenegro.


Ljiljana Vućović Bakić, a pioneer of architecture in Serbia.


Pioneer Sports Hall, 1973, by Ljiljana Vućović Bakić and Dragoljub Bakić.