Women in Architecture’s 2016 Survey Finds Widened Gender Disparities

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The Architectural Review has released the results of the fifth annual Women in Architecture survey, providing insights into the experiences of over 1,000 women worldwide.

One out of five women responding to the survey said that they would not encourage a woman to start a career in architecture, and a similar proportion said they were unsure—only six out of ten overall would recommend an architectural career to another woman.

In the UK, where the majority of the respondents are based, the figure is worse, with a quarter of the women surveyed saying that they would not recommend their career to another woman, a proportion that grows with age. “While almost 80% of women in their early twenties would recommend their career choice, among those in their late thirties this proportion has fallen to just 44%, and a third state that they would not recommend a career in architecture.”


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